Original Smock for Kids

Original Smock for Kids


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A Ghanaian smock is a plaid tunic-like shirt that is similar to the dashiki, worn by men in Ghana. There are also female versions of it. The smock is also called Bun-nwↃ or Bana by Mamprusis, fugu or a batakari in the northern region,dansika in Frafra, futik in Kusaal both in the upper east region. It is worn by kings in the three northern regions but is now popular across Ghana. The smock originated in the northern region of Ghana.

The smock is made of hand-loomed strips popularly called Strip Cloths. They are made of a mixture of dyed and undyed cotton loom, and are originally from the northern part of Ghana and other parts of West Africa. The strips are sewn together by hand or machine giving the smock a plaid appearance. Most smocks have embroidery on the neckline. The smock is worn with a kufi cap. However, chiefs in Ghana wear the smock with a red fez hat.

The fugu is often confused with the batakari, but while the batakari is made up of a flowing gown and trousers of varied fabrics, the all-cotton fugu is a hand-woven, plaid tunic-like shirt.

The “dansiki” is an adaptation of the formal or functional smock design. The “dansiki” is more loose-fitting and almost sleeveless. It is suitable for the hot, dry season.
To distinguish between traditional royalty and citizens of the north, smock producers produce “royal smocks” which are for chiefs. These come with a cap, trousers and knee-length leather boots.
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